Brain Teasers Quiz (13)


Play memory games and brain teasers to improve your memory.

The brain, like any other part of the human body, needs exercise..




Each question contains the initials of words that will make it a correct phrase.

Example:  12 M IN A  Y = Twelve months in a year.

# 6   12  S OF THE Z.

# 7   54 C IN THE D ( WITH THE J )

# 8   9 P IN THE S. S.

# 9   88 P. K.

# 10  90  D.  IN  A  R.  A.


ANSWERS  # 6 = Twelve signs of the Zodiac    # 7 = 54 Cards in the deck with the Joker      # 8 = Nine Planets in the Solar System     #  9 =88 Piano Keyes      # 10=please think about the answer and tell me

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